Hey there! I'm Kevin!
I'm a Microsoft MVP focused in ASP.NET (Core), Microsoft Azure, and Web Development.

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Five Reasons Why I Love HangFire

Setting up HangFire in my .NET applications is effortless. This library helps me offload the strenuous tasks from my web applications by establishing background services using my existing code without requiring special interfaces. Its dashboard is handy for managing jobs and gives me a clear view of the active, failed, and scheduled jobs. For scheduling and recurring jobs, HangFire provides flexible configurations. If it fails, it'll make multiple attempts to run a job, making debugging a breeze for me.

This is pretty exciting! You have found my little piece of the internet, and I'm so humbled that you stopped by.

A little bit about me: I'm a husband and father of three amazing little boys. My background is originally in Computer Science (BS in CS from Old Dominion University), but nowadays I am an independent software consultant that helps businesses move into the 21st Century with their tech stacks.

I'm a 13-time Microsoft MVP, with a focus in building web applications with ASP.NET Core and Microsoft Azure. I do regular trainings for private customers on a variety of topics, so if that is something that you're looking for, please contact me!