Hey there! I'm Kevin!
I'm a Microsoft MVP focused in ASP.NET (Core), Microsoft Azure, and Web Development.

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HttpContext Issues with Azure SignalR Service

Last week, the team and I were migrating an application built with ASP.NET Core and SignalR to use the Azure SignalR Service. We ran into an issue with the HttpContext when using Azure SignalR Service. Unlike in a normal SignalR integration, where you can access HttpContext via IHttpContextAccessor in the Hub class, with Azure SignalR Service the connection changes, affecting the available HttpContext data. This required a shift in our approach, leading us to directly pass the necessary information from the client to the hub.

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A little bit about me: I'm a husband and father of three amazing little boys. My background is originally in Computer Science (BS in CS from Old Dominion University), but nowadays I am an independent software consultant that helps businesses move into the 21st Century with their tech stacks.

I'm a 13-time Microsoft MVP, with a focus in building web applications with ASP.NET Core and Microsoft Azure. I do regular trainings for private customers on a variety of topics, so if that is something that you're looking for, please contact me!