Hey there! I'm Kevin!
I'm a Microsoft MVP focused in ASP.NET (Core), Microsoft Azure, and Web Development.

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Rapid Project Upgrades with the .NET Upgrade Assistant

I knew that I wanted to move this application to .NET 6, as it would be the new LTS version, and I was foregoing several dependency updates. In particular, there was one dependency that was still based on .NET Framework that was giving me concern. It never made the jump to .NET Standard, so I worried about future compatibility. It was during the amazing Visual Studio 2021 launch video, I saw mention of the .NET upgrade assistant. Now - I feel like a fool because this tool has been around for a while, but it was getting an update to support .NET 6. Maybe this was the tool that would help us go live with .NET 6?

This is pretty exciting! You have found my little piece of the internet, and I'm so humbled that you stopped by.

A little bit about me: I'm a husband and father of three amazing little boys. My background is originally in Computer Science (BS in CS from Old Dominion University), but nowadays I am an independent software consultant that helps businesses move into the 21st Century with their tech stacks.

I'm a 11-time Microsoft MVP, with a focus in building web applications with ASP.NET Core and Microsoft Azure. I do regular trainings for private customers on a variety of topics, so if that is something that you're looking for, please contact me!