The Non-Techie Guide to Source Control

October 30, 2014 · 6 min read
Update 1: Brandon pointed out a mistake in my math. Adjusted to reflect his comments. This is one of those posts that I have been meaning to write for a long time. As a consultant, I often find

MongoDB: Setting TTL on Documents

October 13, 2014 · 1 min read
On some recent work I was doing with Winsitter, I needed an approach that would systematically remove documents after a specified period of time within MongoDB. Previously, I would have written cron

One Simple Rule for Successful Consulting

September 3, 2014 · 1 min read
When you're suggesting business decisions for a client, think about it this way: If you were to flip the roles, would you take the advice you are offering? Simply put: when I recommend tools,

Specifying Visual Studio Version in NPM Installs

May 14, 2013 · 1 min read
Sometimes when you install a NPM package, you'll run into an issue like this: C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft.Cpp\v4.0\V110\Microsoft.Cpp.Platform.targets(35,5): error MSB8020: The builds

Using Unity for Dependency Injection with SignalR

January 8, 2013 · 3 min read
I've had bit of a day, and a large part of it was learning how to wrangle SignalR into using my dependency injection provider (in this case, being Unity).  There are a couple thoughts, that I'd like

Node.js: Using require to load your own files

December 31, 2012 · 2 min read
For a lot of JavaScript developers that are moving over from traditional "browser" development to node.js, they might be casually aware of the require keyword that node.js provides you. If you're

My Defacto .gitignore file

November 12, 2012 · 1 min read
Every time I create a new Git repo, I always have to go look for a previous copy of my .gitignore file.  I thought it would be a great idea to just post it up for all to find, in case they were

Preloading Multiple Audio Tags in Internet Explorer 9

November 2, 2012 · 1 min read
I had a unique problem.  I have an app I'm working on where I needed to preload about 50 audio files for use during the page's lifetime.  If you're up on your HTML5-fu, this is a simple task:

Why should ASP.NET developers consider SignalR for ALL projects?

July 9, 2012 · 5 min read
The concept of the “static” web went away a long time ago.  When web developers started looking towards jQuery to build “ajax” web applications, we hit a wall where an instance of a page was a

Maintaining SignalR ConnectionIds Across Page Instances

February 15, 2012 · 2 min read
 2/28/2013 - With the 1.0 release of SignalR, I can't guarantee the solution below will work the same.  The big problem with this solution is that ConnectionIds are reused across tabs and browser
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