SignalR Mastery

SignalR is a library for .NET which allows developers to add real-time capabilities to their applications. It provides a framework for managing connections from various clients, including web pages, mobile apps, desktop applications, and more. It handles all of the grunt work.

In this course, we'll take a structured look at how SignalR works and how you can harness it within your .NET applications.

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Building APIs with ASP.NET Core

As web applications grow in popularity and we see a greater uptick in web frameworks, creating robust application programming interfaces (APIs) for internal and external use is becoming increasingly more important.This course will teach developers the fundamentals of building APIs with ASP.NET Core, including testing, validation, and designing interfaces that will allow them to be good API citizens.

This course has been unpublished and it's not currently available online. I'm working to get it working again in a new location!

Monitoring and Troubleshooting Applications with Application Insights

This course covers the fundamentals for tracking the performance and health of your applications with Application Insights on Azure. We will begin with how to provision an Application Insights instance on Azure followed by how to configure your applications to send telemetry data.Once your application is sending telemetry, we will walk though the scenarios on how to use Application Insights to investigate application failures and poor performance.This course will conclude with an overview of the Application Insights Log Analytics, and how to write KQL (Kusto Query Language) to extract more information from your telemetry.

This course has been unpublished and it's not currently available online. I'm working to get it working again in a new location!

Mastering SignalR

SignalR is an ASP.NET library for building real-time, two-way Web applications that support server-to-client communications as well as client-to-server communications. Under the hood, it uses HTML5 WebSockets for bidirectional communications, but it also works without WebSockets. Whether you’re building a chat application, a real-time game, or anything else that requires two-way communications between a Web browser and a Web server, SignalR abstracts away the underlying protocol and reduces two-way communications to a few simple function calls. Take a ride on the SignalR train as Kevin Griffin takes you step by step through the library and its features.

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